California School Dashboard

Charter Oak USD Community:

Recently, the California Department of Education released the most updated California School Dashboard (Dashboard) results for 2022.  The Dashboard is one part of California’s comprehensive accountability system for schools, districts, and county offices of education that reports performance and progress in 13 different areas (six state indicators and seven local indicators).  Access to the Dashboard can be found here:     

As all of us are aware, the COVID-19 pandemic affected education services and student learning worldwide.  In California, the pandemic also interrupted the statewide data collection, assessment, and accountability systems.  The last Dashboard was produced in 2019 reflecting data from the 2017–18 and 2018–19 school years.  Hence, the 2022 Dashboard is a re-start of California’s accountability system.

Since the 2022 Dashboard is a re-start, the performance of a school, district or county office of education establishes a new starting point against which future improvements can be gauged for districts, schools, and student groups.

The 2022 Dashboard provides valuable information to educators about how the pandemic affected student learning, student engagement, and differences in outcomes for student groups.  The Charter Oak Unified School District will analyze the 2022 Dashboard data in conjunction with other local data on student performance and progress, such as progress reports, student work, and teacher feedback.  The combination of state and local data will provide our educators with a more detailed picture of strengths, as well as areas of opportunity, in improving student outcomes.

The Charter Oak Unified School District looks forward to utilizing this data in our efforts for continuous improvement, and success for all students.

On behalf of the the Educational Services Division,

Danny Kim, Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services